Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winners & Loosers


Olivia, Viola, Sebastian

Olivia - Most of those people still love her. Sebastian married her without any doubt. Andrew realized that he won't be able to love her, which he left too. She has no any worried.

Sebastian - For most of the time, he got his friend beside him. His friend even provided him money. When he went the beautiful house, the rich and beautiful Olivia ran to him and ask for marriage. He should be the luckiest guy in the world. After all these mess, he finally found his sister too.

Viola - She found her brother Sebastian at the end. She can married with the Duke. She can finally change back to the girl's clothes.



Andrew, Mavolio,

Andrew Agucheeck - He was treated as wallet from Sr. Toby. He was a silly man that everyone laugh about. He didn't get a chance to chase Olivia. He watched Olivia got married and got punched by Sebastian. At the end, he went home alone.

Mavolio - He was an old man that got played by Toby, Andrew and others. People want to see him in trouble. He got putted in to jail because they set him up as he is mad. At the end, he was alone and watched Olivia married to Sebastian meanwhile realized that people set him up just for fun.


Monday, January 28, 2013

If I die young...

I still think of her

泪水将我淹没 (tears are drowning me) 
到底谁该难过 (who should actually be sad?) 
究竟是谁放掉 (who actually gave up) 
这段感情 (this relationship) 

我才终于明白 (i finally come to know) 
办不到的承诺 (unachievable promise) 
就成了枷锁 (became shackles) 
现实中幸福永远缺货 (in reality, happiness is forever in shortage) 

请告诉她我不爱她 (please tell her/him, i don't love her/him) 
笑着难过自我惩罚 (sadly laughing, self punishing) 
想终止这一切挣扎 (want to stop all these struggle) 
横了心说真心谎话 (set my heart to say a truthful lie) 

别告诉她我还想她 (don't tell her/him, i still love her/him) 
恨总比爱容易放下 (hate is always easier to put down than love) 
当泪水堵住了胸口 (when tears blocks the chest) 
就让沉默代替所有回答 (let silence represent all answers) 

我不爱我不痛我不懂 (i don't love, i don't feel pain, i don't understand) 
我的心早已掏空 (my heart is already emptied) 
真心话言不由衷 (heartfelt words are not truthful) 

别告诉她我还想她 (don't tell her/him, i still love her/him) 
就让沉默代替所有回答 (hate is always easier to put down than love) 

The singer is saying that don't tell the girl that he still loves her.
He doesn't want her to know that he still thinking about her.
He is dead and the waiting will never end.
He wants her to know that he doesn't love however it is not true...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Italian Sonnet

The cloth that men are wearing everyday.
  u       /       u      /      u      /     u      /   u    /       {A}

The formal dress provide the health and care.
 u       /    u      /        u   /       u        /        u     /   {B}

With deep and empty pocket things can wear
  u       /         u     /     u   /     u    /           u      /   {B}

Put on tie and bow tie this is the way.
  u   /      u    /      u     /     u    /     u     /                {A}


Party, banquet, come out most of the day.
  u   /      u     /         u       /      u     /     u    /       {A}

Attend to meeting people always there.
  u    /    u  /        u    /     u     /      u      /             {B}

Can see that boys with it are very clear.
 u       /      u     /         u    /     u    /   u    /           {B}

How the girl and boy to find their right way
   u     /      u     /      u     /     u     /          u    /      {A}

The suit can count as the best thing for me.
  u      /        u    /         u   /       u      /        u    /  {C}

But it will never happen for the girl.
  u   /    u    /    u    /       u    /     u    /                  {D}

The culture not approve for girl to love.
  u       /    u     /     u      /      u    /     u     /           {E}

Black and white are the best sign for true thee. 
u         /        u       /     u       /      u     /      u       /   {C}

It can make the world body get on curl
 u  /        u      /      u        /   u     /    u   /            {D}

The dream to see success is always tough 
  u        /        u   /      u      /      u  /     u       /     {E}

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dramatis Personae / Cast List

1. Duncan, King: Ms. Cartier (Grace Ying)

- I am the rich woman who owns many companies and the most beautiful villa in the world.

- She owns many things that people are jealous about.

2. Macbeth: Mr. Handsome (Timmy Lu)

- He is Ms. Cartier's helper / worker.

- He is really hardworking and well performance.

- He listens to his wife and kills Ms. Cartier due to wanting her power and everything.

3. Lady Macbeth: Lady handsome (Jane Chen)

- Mr. Handsome's wife who instigate Mr. Handsome to kill Ms. Cartier.

4. Malcolm: John (Canny Tao)

- Ms. Cartier's son.

- He likes to play games and doesn't want to take his mom 's companies.

- He loves games not fame. He loves "bad things".

5. Macduff: Peter (Tim Kao)

- He is also Ms. Cartier helper who is loyalty to Ms. Cartier.

- In the comic, he doesn't really get the permotion.

- He convinces John to come back and takes his mom companies.

6. Banquo: Joanna (Kathrina Wen)

- She is an important helpers towards Ms. Cartier, same as Mr. Handsome.

7. Banquo's son: (Wade)

- He just sees the killing part which his mom asks him to escape and hide.

8. Witch: Ms.Tarot (Jane Chen)

-Predict the future for Mr. Handsome and Joanna.

9. Killer: Killer (Grace Ying)

- Killing Ms. Joanna


Outline Macbeth in 30 pieces

1. Witches predict that Macbeth will first get promoted become a leader then he will become the king. Banquo will not be the king, however, his son will be the king.

2. They go back to the castle, then king promoted them.

3. Macbeth goes back to his home and king goes to his house to celebrate.

4. Macbeth tells his wife about the prediction that makes her want him to kill the king in order to have the power.

5. Macbeth is really afraid. He is loyal to the king.... wife thinks he is pussy which convincing him to kill king.

6. At night, lady Macbeth makes the solider drunk... Macbeth went in and kill the king...

7. Washing their hand, and leave the evidence

8. People found out king is dead... Macbeth pretend it was solider did it that Macbeth killed them

9. Malcolm ran away because he knows that Macbeth will kill them next

10. Macbeth hires killers to kill Banquo and his son, so that his son can't be the king

11. On the train.... Killers killed Banquo but his son ran away

12. Macbeth holds a banquet about he becomes the king....

13. He saw Banquo's spirit and Banquo's king generations

14. During the banquet he realized that Macduff is on his trip to England

15. Macbeth killed Macduff whole family at the swimming pool.

16. Macduff convinces Malcolm to come back and takes back his place.

17. Macduff realized his whole family die due to he comes to find Malcolm.

18. Malcolm says no.... He has three issues...1. Money 2. Sexual. 3. Wants more than Macbeth

19. Macduff and Malcolm decided to go back and plan the killing plan.

20. Malcolm started his army and teaches them.

21. Lady Macbeth died

22. Malcolm asks his army to cut down the tree and take the tree with them in order to hide.

23. Macduff is not born out of woman which he has the ability to kill Macbeth.

24. Macbeth was a but out of control yell at his servant before the battle.

25. Macbeth is waiting at the ballroom eating and drinking. He is panic.

26. Macduff goes into the room and talk.

27. They start to fight & tell him about that he is not born out of woman

28. Macbeth is really shock. He can't believe that the tree is moving and that Macduff is not born out of woman.

29. Macbeth paid his debt. Macduff took his head off.

30.Macduff kill him and bring out his head

31. Everyone is shouting King of Scotland.

32. Malcolm becomes the king


Thursday, November 1, 2012

MacBeth Q1

1. Explain what an iamb is. Also, explain what iambic pentameter is. Then, create one phrase in iambic pentameter.

- lamb is like the 10 heart beats with light, hard, light hard... There are masculine and feminine rhyme, which is about the syllable.

- There is potato stands in front of bean. He always tries to be like really mean.

2. What is the rhyme scheme for an English sonnet? For an Italian sonnet?



3. What is the line of succession (who has power) in Macbeth? (Hint: Top 3)

King will be the first one, Second will be the King's son- Malcolm, Third - Thane of Cawdor.

4. How does the titular character increase his power? (Hint: The captain's report)

- The betrayer got caught and they had won the war which he killed the Ranon.

5. Summarize why Witch #1 was in a bad mood.

There was a sailor's wife that witch had met. She didn't want to share chestnuts with witch which made Witch so much that she took revenge and killed her.

6. What are the three prophecies of MacBeth?

- Thane of Glamis > Thane of Cawdor > King after

7. What are the three prophecies of Banquo?

- Lesser than Macbeth and greater > not so happy, happier > not be king but son will.

8. "If chance will have me King, why, chance may crown me without my stir." (I.iii.143) Who said it? To whom? Translate to plain English?

- Macbeth said this line, I think he is talking to himself. He is saying that if the chance let him be the king, then there is nothing he need to be worried about because the faith and fate will help him.

9. "Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here... take my milk for gall.." (I.v.41, 48) Who said it? To whom? Translate to plain English?

- Lady Macbeth said this to herself or I should say to maybe the evil spirit. It simply means that she wants to get all the power from those evil spirit in order to get the power from King. She doesn't want to be the "woman" that people believe are weak. She wants her husband to be the king which she will take care of all the business and solve any problem for her husband to be a king.