Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winners & Loosers


Olivia, Viola, Sebastian

Olivia - Most of those people still love her. Sebastian married her without any doubt. Andrew realized that he won't be able to love her, which he left too. She has no any worried.

Sebastian - For most of the time, he got his friend beside him. His friend even provided him money. When he went the beautiful house, the rich and beautiful Olivia ran to him and ask for marriage. He should be the luckiest guy in the world. After all these mess, he finally found his sister too.

Viola - She found her brother Sebastian at the end. She can married with the Duke. She can finally change back to the girl's clothes.



Andrew, Mavolio,

Andrew Agucheeck - He was treated as wallet from Sr. Toby. He was a silly man that everyone laugh about. He didn't get a chance to chase Olivia. He watched Olivia got married and got punched by Sebastian. At the end, he went home alone.

Mavolio - He was an old man that got played by Toby, Andrew and others. People want to see him in trouble. He got putted in to jail because they set him up as he is mad. At the end, he was alone and watched Olivia married to Sebastian meanwhile realized that people set him up just for fun.


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